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Terms and Conditions of Business

Terms and Conditions of Business

Please note the following terms and conditions of business: 



While we endeavour to broadcast to the highest quality at all times, Yearone TV cannot be held responsible for any server issues, iRacing updates or internet faults. Should issues with the internet occur, we will do a full race recap and post the video to our YouTube channel as soon as the internet issues are resolved. If any drop out is experienced during a Live event, we will load back up as soon as possible. Commentary will also be provided as a radio service while we load back into the server.


If you delay, cancel or change the start date or dates of the event once the series is already underway, then you will incur an additional cost of 1 x full broadcast price. This is to cover the cost of changing the artwork, rebooking the commentators and changing servers. This additional fee must be paid in full before we will broadcast the event. 


Driver Artwork and Car Paints 

We use trading paints or a pre-selected paint pack. If the drivers' paints do not show up correctly on stream, Yearone TV will not be held responsible. It is down to the driver to make sure they have the correct car paint selected in trading paints. 


Marketing Your Event

Yearone TV broadcast to your social media pages and your chosen broadcasting channels. However, it is not down to Yearone to market and promote your league or your race. We are only responsible for providing the broadcasting service only. We will not be held responsible for the number of viewers.



Under no circumstances shall Yearone TV be bad mouthed or slandered in Discord or on any social media platform complaining about the quality of the broadcast or how many viewers are watching. We provide a premium broadcasting service using the best quality commentators we can find for any chosen series within the pre-established budget or chosen package. 


Should we read anything slanderous or offensive towards our broadcasting team, Yearone TV will be entitled to cancel the remaining rounds and may offer you a refund for the remaining rounds of the series. The refund will take up to 30 Days after the final round of the series.


Under no other circumstances will a refund be permitted. 


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